A Week of Volunteers


Over the course of the past week, we have had not one, not two, but THREE different volunteer groups join us! On Saturday we were joined by The Imaginasium, an amazing spot for the arts located in Bennington, in the red building right next to the Monument Arts Center. They installed the siding for almost half of 24 Greenview drive. See the timelapse below.

On Wednesday we were joined by five individuals from M&T Bank, and we managed to finish all of the insulating at 5 Greenview drive. This was the perfect task for a group, and it allowed us to call in for the inspection of the insulation, a few days (maybe even a week or two) sooner than anticipated. Because of the styles of insulation we use, as well as just how much is used and where, we are proud to describe just how efficient the homes we build are. Our homeowners can expect significantly lower heating and cooling costs, as the home will hold both more efficiently.

As if those first two groups didn’t do enough, we were then joined by every single State Farm agent in Bennington County! Jim Thibodeau and Mark Sekora came to the worksites in Bennington on Friday, and were able to complete a number of open items, as well as receive a delivery of all the drywall for the second floor at 5 Greenview Drive.

Thank you to all our volunteers, both regulars, and the members of these groups. The work we do would not get done if it weren’t for you!

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