Our Board of Directors

Our dedicated volunteer leaders lend their special skills, interest, and guidance to help Habitat for Humanity Extend our reach throughout the county.

Executive Committee

John Jacobi – Board President

David Baer – Vice President

Lisa Counsell – Secretary

Kristin Comeau – Treasurer

Board Members

Keld Alstrup

Michael Bacon

Kevin Duffy

Bill Hoyt

Jacquelyn Hunt

Chris Ponessi

Barbara Price

Craig Waller

Olavi Wirkki

Our Committees

In addition to members of the board, our committees bring together Habitat staff and volunteers around specific areas of focus. Members listed in alphabetical order, names in bold are committee chairs, names with an asterisk* are staff members.


Reviews and discusses plans and implementation for the homes we build.

Keld Alstrup | Jim Dickson | Terry Findeisen | Jim Hand | Stu Hoskins | Don Jackson* | Curt Merrow | Olavi Wirkki


Interacts with the community, volunteers, and donors through social media, this website, and print materials.

Cindy Luce* | Tye Poquette* | Craig Waller


Responsible for budget, mortgage delinquencies, and other local Habitat monetary matters.

Keld Alstrup | Kristin ComeauLisa Counsell | John Jacobi | Cindy Luce* | Robin Mowrey Sue Wilborn*

Homebuyer Selection

Reviews applications and screens potential homeowners for submission to the Qualified Load Originator (QLO). Makes home visits to applicants who pass QLO review.

Michael Bacon | Robin Chandler | Jacquelyn Hunt | Shannon McClenithan

Homeowner Support

Selects a support partner to assist the family though their volunteer hours, closing, and first year of homeownership.

Michael Bacon | Jacquelyn HuntJennifer Sullivan


Screens, interviews, and nominates prospective Board members.

David Baer | Ellen Leeds | Dave Low

Resource Development

Responsible for fundraising and support for local Habitat activities.

Lisa Counsell | Kevin Duffy | Bill Hoyt | Cindy Luce*

Resale Store

Manages longer term goals and direction of the store. The store manager (Barbara Lappos) leads day-to-day activities in alignment with this direction.

Elaine Bellando | Tuck Daniels | Andie Fusco | Barbara Lappos* | Travis Wood

Site Selection

Selects, visits, and recommends land for prospective building projects and Board approval.

Keld Alstrup | Kristin Comeau | Terry Findeisen | Don Jackson* | Chris Ponessi | Olavi Wirkki


Leads and manages sourcing and organization of volunteers. Works closely with the volunteer coordinator (Tye Poquette*).

Kevin DuffyBill Hoyt | John Jacobi | Cindy Luce* | Tye Poquette*

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