Apply for Home Repairs

Our program welcomes income-eligible homeowners in Bennington County who need assistance with minor repairs or accessibility needs.

Do You Qualify?

To be eligible for Habitat’s home repair program, you must:

1. Own and occupy a home in Bennington County for at least one year before your application date.

2. Own a home that needs minor repairs to improve safety, health, or affordability.

3. Be unable to afford the necessary improvements, and/or unable to complete them due to age, disability, or circumstance.

4. Be able to pay for the cost of materials at the time the work is completed, if it is not covered by a Habitat Grant, or the remaining amount after a Habitat Grant is awarded.

5. Be willing to partner with Habitat.

6. Have a total household income between 30% and 80% of the median income in Bennington County, as shown in the chart below.

Ready to Apply?

If these requirements are agreeable to you, please Complete the form provided to request an application, which we will send to you by mail. 

You will also need to Make Copies of the following documents to send in with your completed application: 

• Vermont Household Income Schedule HI-144. This, or additional notes, should include the income of everyone who lived with you during the last year.

• Last two pay stubs. Or other proof of income.

• Last two bank statements for all checking, savings, and loan accounts. If you do not have a bank account, please write that on your application.

• Proof of child support and/or public assistance, if you receive them. These may include SSI, AFDC, Social Security, disability, food stamps, etc.

• Proof of home ownership. This may be the Deed of Trust or your most recent property tax receipt.

Thank you for your interest, we will mail your application within 3 business days.

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