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Home Repair

Performing necessary repairs, and aiding in accessibility

a ramp completed by bennington county habitat volunteers
Stu, volunteer crew leader, stands with Darlene and her husband Martin on their new ramp

Coming Home, Staying Home

Our Home Repair Program started in 2011 as a way for us to help more members in our community here in Southern Vermont. Habitat focuses on long term solutions, which means it takes a lot of time and effort to help each family. The Home Repair Program allows us to have a much larger impact in the community.

The program is meant for any minor repairs needed, and accessibility aids for homeowners to remain in their own home safely for as long as possible. Some Habitat affiliates call this “Aging in Place” or “Older Adults Home Repair” or even “Home Preservation”. We however did not want to limit who can and should apply for this program. 

Without any specialized marketing or advertisements, we have become well known locally for our ramps. Well over half of our projects have been ramps, either in the front or rear of a home. This is so important because it has helped numerous people come home from long term care facilities, and in some circumstances has awarded freedom to previously homebound individuals. 

How Does it Work?

  • Families partner with Habitat based on income, need, and willingness to help.
  • We use volunteer labor and donated material (when available) to keep costs low.
  • Any costs that we cannot cover, get turned into an affordable interest free loan over the course of 1-4 years.
  • All projects are up to the discrimination of our construction manager, taking into account affordability, need, and the safety of our volunteers.

Why do we Have This Program?

  • People need to live in safe and well-maintained homes.
  • Community connections are made.
  • Neighborhoods become revitalized.
  • Affordable housing inventory is preserved.
  • It improves the lives of individuals.
  • Safe entrances mean safe exits in emergencies.

Interested in Applying?

Please click the link below for more information, program requirements, and to request an application.

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