Homebuyer Application

Homebuyer Program Requirements – To be accepted: 

  • An applicant must be a citizen of the United States or a legal permanent resident, must currently work or live in Bennington County and have done so for the 12 months immediately prior to the application. The residency requirement for evacuees from other states or counties who have lost their home due to natural or manmade disasters may be waived.   
  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and have the legal capacity to enter into a binding contract.  
  • Married applicants must both apply.
  • All adults who will be on the mortgage must apply.
  • Applicants who are divorced must submit a Divorce Decree as sufficient legal documentation of the divorce which will remove any potential claim of the house by the other spouse. This must be submitted with the application.
  • Any person who is on a Sex Offender list cannot live in a Habitat house.
If these requirements are agreeable to you, please fill out the form provided to request an application for our Homeownership Program.

We will need copies of the following information (Please don’t send originals) submitted with your completed application:

  • Federal Income Tax returns (signed) and W-2 forms for the past 2 years.  
  • Paycheck stubs for the past 4 months for ALL those in the household 18 years of age or older. If self employed please provide a profit-loss statement.
  • Social Security and SSI award letters.
  • TANF statements.
  • Court orders for alimony and child support.
  • Disability income.
  • Annuities income.
  • Statements from banks, credit unions  and investment accounts for the past 2 months.  Must include owner’s name, account number and bank logo.
  • Copies of loan agreements.  IE: car, education.
  • Rental lease copy or canceled rent check or money order.  (If you have lived in your current home for less than 12 months, please provide the name and address of current and previous landlords.)
  • Bankruptcy discharge documents.
  • Driver’s license copies.
  • Divorce decrees.

All complete homebuyer applications must be submitted to our office by 4/15/23 to be considered for the program.

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