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The Application Process

Applying for a Habitat home is not a quick process.  Going through the process does not guarantee that you will be selected. We are able to select only one home buyer at a time.  

Process Outline

  • Review formal application for completeness and request additional information if necessary.
  • Assess applicants’ willingness to partner, including being a positive ambassador for Habitat in the community, and ability and willingness to complete a minimum of 200 hours of sweat equity for each adult.  A minimum of 100 hours of the 200-hour sweat equity requirement for each adult (for a combined total of 200 hours) must be completed building the homebuyer’s or another homebuyer’s Habitat home.  
  • Review of recommendations from current and previous landlords and employers. 
  • Review previous and current tax returns, W2s, and employment income verification to ascertain that the applicant(s) has income sufficient to handle the financial responsibilities that come with owning a home, but does not exceed Habitat for Humanity’s upper income limit for Bennington County.
  • Review of credit history and confirmation that the applicant’s housing debt and long-term-debt to income ratio will be no more than 30% and 43% respectively. These ratios should assure that the homebuyer is able to afford a Habitat home.
  • A sex offender and “Specially Designated Nationals” check of all members of the household and a criminal record check of all members 18 and older, is completed.
  • Assess need for housing by visit to applicants’ current residence by two members of the Homeowner Selection Committee. All household members should be present.
  • Final collection of all documentation required occurs. 
  • Homeowner Selection Committee review of completed application and denial or recommendation of the applicant to the Board of Directors. Board of Directors considers application for pre-approval as a home buyer partner and for a mortgage. Denial or approval is sent to the applicant. If approved, the Homebuyer Partner Process begins with formal documentation.
  • Just prior to closing, sex offender, criminal record check of all members of the household, and credit check(s) of all applicants will be redone.
  • Additional information or clarification and/or verification of information on the application, such as loans and child support agreements, may be requested at any time during the application process.

The application process will be ended at any point it is determined that the applicant does not meet Habitat’s criteria for homeownership.


Habitat for Humanity’s policy is that once a homebuyer has been selected they will be deselected only if one of the following occurs: 

  • Negative change in financial condition that significantly impacts the ability to pay.
  • It is discovered that there was a material misrepresentation of the facts (demonstrated fraud) in the application and/or selection process.
  • A positive Sex Offender report or criminal record check subsequent to selection.
  • Credit issues found on credit check subsequent to selection.
  • Failure to complete requirements set forth in the letter of acceptance; sweat equity, positive ambassador for Habitat, financial payments etc.

Please Note that the process for evaluating homebuyer applicants may vary based on pandemic related circumstances at any given time.

Please also note that this process may be different in some respects if the person is applying to purchase a “Habitat” house that is being resold. 

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