Here Come the Students!


Students from Burr and Burton Paint the Exterior Window Trim

Days of service at local high schools call for students to be pulled into their local communities to give back. We are thrilled, and honored, to once again be included with two different local schools this year. Both Stratton Mountain School and Burr and Burton Academy have sent students to us this month, and they have all made large, lasting impacts in their communities. 

Students volunteer at all sorts of organizations within the community, and we are lucky to be on that list. Two weeks in a row we had groups of students come to our ReStore to aid in the spring cleaning and rejuvenation of our ReStore. From power washing the entire exterior of the store, to rearranging merchandise, these students were busy!

Students from Burr and Burton Academy

Our windows have plastic to seal in the heat and AC, keeping us energy efficient. Students from Stratton Mountain School painstakingly took down every single insert, cleaned them, and the windows themselves, and then replaced them all. Not only that, they scraped all the flaking paint off of the windowsills and trim outside. A painstaking process surely, but worth it as that allowed the students from Burr and Burton Academy the chance to paint them all fresh for this season. Both groups helped with moving furniture, receiving donations, cleaning, and much more. We are extremely grateful to both of these schools, and we are already anxiously anticipating their returns!


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