Porch Completed in Bennington


Volunteers Stu(L) and Todd(R) stand with Brenda on her newly completed porch

The cold has never stopped our volunteers from helping our community members. That was no different this past December when our volunteers built this wonderful new porch and safe entry for local Bennington Resident, Brenda. 

Our Home Repair Program has a very wide array of services, mostly (you guessed it) making minor repairs. However we believe that safe entries to homes provide safe exits in emergencies, and the proper porch, steps, or ramp can make a drastic difference, potentially saving first responders precious moments. Before we began work, Brenda’s steps were quite simply not safe. They were too narrow to fit your foot on, making her home difficult to access, and when icy or snowy an actual risk. 

Volunteers Stu and Ned working on removing the old, damaged entry

You can see in the photo above, that there were a few issues with Brenda’s porch. The steps being too shallow, the roof beginning to rot due to not being sealed, the lack of adequate railings both on the stairs and the porch itself, and no skirting to keep animals out from under her home, to name a few. 

Thanks to our Home Repair Program, all of these issues have been resolved. We built an affordable, sturdy, and safe entry into Brenda’s home, and even repaired and expanded the roof above, ensuring years of safe access for her and her family.

If you know someone in need of home repairs or adequate safe access to their home, please share with them our application.

As always, a massive thank you to all the volunteers involved!

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