Ruth Burns Her Mortgage


Habitat homeowner Ruth smiles with executive director Cindy Luce as her original mortgage documents are burned

Ruth and Charlene (not photographed) were the second and third homeowners to be accepted into our program in 2004 and 2006 respectively. In less than two decades, they have both been able to completely pay off their 30 year mortgages!

It is typical Habitat fashion to gather and burn the original mortgage documents for a homeowner when they complete payments. We have never had the opportunity to do one of these ceremonies before. Given that our organization is 26 years old, and we do 30 year mortgages, this is not surprising. However we had two homeowners pay off their mortgages in full, within just a few weeks of each other!

We gathered for a number of reasons that day. We celebrated Ruth, we celebrated Charlene, and we even dedicated our 33rd home, all on the same day! With close to 4 dozen community members coming throughout the day, its safe to say that it was all a success. 

We look forward to doing more of these, though it may be a few more years. Keep your eyes out, as we would love to see you at the next one!

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